Resor House

The Resor House is a well-known residential project by Mies van der Rohe, despite never being built. The movement interventions  regarding this project relate the human body to a concept of architecture rather than a physical structure. These include a video work of a tight rope walker and live performance of vertical dancers with van der Rohe’s collages and building site photos.


Salk Institute

The Salk Institute was founded by Dr Jonas Salk, credited with the polio vaccine. This movement intervention considers the asymmetrical effect of polio on the body in relation to the Institute's classical symmetry as designed by architect Louis Kahn working closely with Dr Salk. 

Regina Rex Gallery

The Regina Rex gallery hosted an intervention in which three performers left colored chalk markings as evidence of their experience of the gallery opening space, objects, and guests. This is a collaborative work with Miseal Soto.


National Center for Atmospheric Research

NCAR represents a significant moment in architect I.M. Pei’s architectural practice. This movement intervention looks at Pei's departure from modernist practice, drawing inspiration from the site's historical context by referencing Pueblo Indians cliff dwellings of the area. 

St Peter's Seminary

St Peter’s Seminary is reputed as modernist ruin. This movement intervention questions whether Scottish architects MacMillan and Metzstein inherited from Le Corbusier not only his architectural vocabulary but also his lack of concern regarding material deterioration.


Bevin Court and the Sivill House

Bevin Court and the Sivill House are approached as physical as well as politicised objects by these movement interventions. The moving human figure reaches beyond categorizations such as Brutalist or ‘post war’ to investigate architect Bertold Lubetkin's  values and intentions and how the buildings exist within contemporary culture.


Haus am Horn

Haus am Horn represents the forward-looking social values of the Bauhaus, such as an emphasis on childhood development. This movement intervention offers a contemporary parallel to this break from the traditional family by featuring same-gendered parents.

Lafayette Park

The Lafayette Park town homes by Mies van der Rohe present a compelling scenario of modernist window as cinematic framing device. This movement intervention explores how this architectural feature may heighten the viewer/performer relationship that occurs in everyday life.

Carr Chapel

The Carr Chapel is the only religious structure by architect Mies van der Rohe. This movement intervention explores the sense of weightlessness of its building materials and the transparency of van der Rohe’s design techniques.



The Articulated Wall is a sculpture by Herbert Bayer. This movement intervention looks directly at resonances between building and body by relating the articulation of the wall to that of the human spine. 

Staircase Sonambulism

The Denver Art Museum annex by architect Daniel Liebskind has been criticized as vertigo-inducing for its slanted walls and jagged staircase. This movement intervention embodies the live movement and sound of the Cabinet of Dr Caligari, relating an older avant garde film to contemporary avant garde architecture.